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VCT Stripping, Cleaning, & Sealing

Can my VCT be cleaned?

Yes, VCT can be cleaned by a variety of different methods. Most commonly, we apply a hi-test alkaline solution to the floor and allow it to dwell. This solution breaks down penetrated dirt buildup on the stone surface as well as the grout lines. We then either use a hot water surface extractor or a floor machine to restore VCT and grout to its original state.

What are my options for sealing my VCT?

There are a variety of options here depending on your preference. Essentially all sealers are going to do the same thing by protecting your mexican tile. The difference is the sheen level you prefer. You can have a matte finish with no shine at all, a low lustre finish with a bit of shine, or a high gloss wet look sealer. 
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