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Pressure Cleaning

Why is there black discoloration all over my driveway, deck, or patio?

The black coloration you see is the result of the growth of mildew, algae, lichens and mosses. Here in Florida's humid environment, their growth is exponential and can be apparent in just a matter of months. There are a few different ways of removing the different algae and mosses, depending on the surface they are on. Some delicate surfaces we recommend cleaning by a process called soft washing. This is essentially a low pressure application of an algaecide when chemically eliminates all organic growth.

Commercial Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
48" Mondo Surface Washer

Is there a way to keep my surfaces cleaner for a longer period of time?

Yes, depending on the circumstances, there are a few ways to keep your surfaces cleaner for an extended period of time. First is by applying an algaecide upon completion of the cleaning. This will keep algae, mosses and lichens from thriving in the future. This is recommended for soft materials and delicate surfaces. An important way to extend the clean look and is by applying a sealer. This is most common on pavers and stone surfaces.

Parking Garage Oil Removal
Commercial Pressure Cleaning Equiptment
Mexican tile pool patio before.JPG
mexican tile pool patio after.JPG
Palm Beach Island
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Cleaning
Phillips Point Downtown Pressure Cleaning
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