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Commercial Stone Maintenance

Owning a high traffic commercial property comes with many expenses. However, marble restoration and maintenance does not need to be one of them. We understand that improving the aesthetic of a commercial property is key to keeping business strong. We work with hotels, banks, and many other types of businesses that service a wide array of people.

In most situations, a restoration of your stone will last for years. Maintenance--stain removal, cleaning, and polishing--should be done on a routine basis so the stone does not need restoration as often, if at all.

Reduce Costs

Reduce overall costs by restoring your stone less often with our regular maintenance packages.

Improve Aesthetics

Improve the aesthetic look of your property so you can focus on what's important to your business.

Rest Easy

One Singer Island Condominium Lobby

Join the growing list of satisfied commercial properties who have worked with Palm Beach Marble and Tile Restoration!

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