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Marble Shower Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing

Unfortunately, this is a very common sight in our showers. The walls have very slight movement as differences in pressures occur. These movement cause chipping of grout which in turn can lead to severe water damage if not taken care of. Water can seal behind the tile, thin set and cement board. If this shower is located on a second story, the damage could be catastrophic and a very expensive project to fix. Even leaks on ground level can damage neighboring floors, walls and trim. Keeping your showers properly sealed will prevent these headaches and keep your shower looking pristine.
Seal Perimiter with Flexible Grout
Impregnating Sealer on Marble Shower
Tub Deck Refinishing
Carrera Marble Shower Polish
Bathroom Floor Restoration
Shower Wall Deep Clean
Shower Mosaic Clean , Seal
Shower Wall Polish And Regrout
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