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Crack, Chip, & Hole Repair

Travertine Hole Repair
Tinted Akemi Resin
Color Matching

Can You Fill Holes And Chips In Marble?

Before your stone was delivered to your house as a brilliant and perfect piece of stone, it was composed of numerous holes and voids. At the fabrication factories, these holes and voids are filled using a tinted resin to match the stone color and characteristics. Holes and chips are very common, especially in areas where there is a lot of abrasion, such as at the bases of dining chairs that slide back and forth very often. The holes virtually disappear once they are filled and the material used to fill is very durable.

Polish and Seal
Settling Crack Repair
Hone and Polish

When natural stone tiles are being fabricated, they get filled using tinted polyester resins to match stone color and characteristics. Over time this fill, though extremely durable and resistant, will chip due to various reasons. It could happen due to to foot traffic, dropping things, movement of high rises, vacuuming, etc. The fill can be polished to high gloss finishes and can also obtain a matte finish. It is very important to seal fill regardless of the sheen level.

Cracked Countertop Repair
Broken Edge Shim and Reglue
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