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Grout Cleaning, Staining, & Sealing

Can my tile and grout be cleaned?

Yes, marble can be cleaned by a variety of different methods. Most commonly, we apply a hi-test alkaline solution to the floor and allow it to dwell. This solution breaks down penetrated dirt buildup on the stone surface as well as the grout lines. We then either use a hot water surface extractor or a floor machine to restore marble and grout to its original state.

Can I change the color of my grout?

Can Chips be repaired on my tile?

Yes, after your mexican tile has been thoroughly cleaned, the grout can be stained to virtually any color. 

Before your stone was delivered to your house as a brilliant and perfect piece of stone, it was composed of numerous holes and voids. At the fabrication factories, these holes and voids are filled using a tinted resin to match the stone color and characteristics. Holes and chips are very common, especially in areas where there is a lot of abrasion, such as at the bases of dining chairs that slide back and forth very often. The holes virtually disappear once they are filled and the material used to fill is very durable.

How Can I Keep my tile and grout looking new?

Once thoroughly cleaned, it is imperative to seal your grout. The sealer acts as a water proofer on your grout. Normally, maintenance cleaning such as mopping your floors spreads dirty water all over the surface. When the grout lines aren't sealed, they absorb the dirty water being mopped around and over time, they become darker and darker. When your grout lines are sealed, the dirty water will not be absorbed by your grout, thus resulting in a clean looking color for an extended period of time.
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